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We guarantee the quality and safety of our goods, we are largely responsible for our own quality assurance and monitoring. Exactly defined quality criteria are carried out precisely and meticulously upon the arrival of the deliveries. 

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Voxtrade continues to grow

We continue our international expansion course

To meet the increasing demands and the requirements of many new customers our procurement market has also expanded to many European countries. Anuga, the world’s leading food trade show, offers us here a generally good opportunity and a hub to make contacts with new customers. Networking with branch experts from around the globe guarantees a constant further development and hence competitive advantages for our customers.

At the moment exports to Asia, e.g. Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam are at an all-time high. Also the Balkan States and the Ukraine have become a valuable growth market for us. Nevertheless these countries represent special requirements for us in the field of customs clearance and financing (such as bank guarantees, letter of credit). It is particularly important here to submit the proper documents, such as health certificates and certificates of origin, during the export process.

A service our customers appreciate, as they can always rely on us.


We make a contribution to climate protection!


The existing gas boiler was replaced by a state-of-the-art air heat pump. This saves us 4.6 tons of CO2 / year.

Financial support to Ukraine


voxtrade has done good business with Ukrainian customers for many years. We want to help the people in Ukraine, but also the refugees. So we decided to give something back.

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