For us honesty, tolerance, trust and sincerity are the essential foundations of our daily work and interactions with one another.

Dagmar and Richard Völk


About us

It takes commitment to build TRUST.

We stand for personal commitment, excellent international contacts and lasting satisfaction of our partners. Our company’s success factors are the values, on which we build: Openness to all of our customers’ requests, the sustainable establishment and maintenance of fair supplier relationships and attention to detail. It goes without saying that our products are of the highest quality. Quality for us also comes from a trusting and working partnership people can rely on.

We care about quality.


You have to know your business to be Successful.

Raw materials and products at the right time, at the right place and of the right quality. To master this challenge on a day-to-day basis we have been building an international network for food management for many years. The exchange of knowledge with branch experts around the globe ensures the ongoing further development on the market and hence competitive advantages for our customers. Our competent team offers sound know-how and constant distribution solutions for the optimum marketing of food products. As a reliable link between producers and the market, we are extremely familiar with planning, execution and ongoing controlling as well as export sales.


Supplying Quality demands great attention to detail.

With our own warehouse logistics and warehousing options for up to one hundred tonnes of meat we can quickly and flexibly respond to special customer requests and characteristics of the market and react to changing market conditions. At the same time we largely have quality assurance and control in our own hands.

We closely inspect deliveries from different slaughterhouses for specific quality criteria and pay occasional visits to partner companies. Our customers should ultimately know the source of the individual products and raw materials.

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